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Raft Up 2015

2017 3rd Annual RAFT UP PARTY!RaftUp2

Raft Up Party-2017WHEN? August 5th from 4:00 to 8:00 +  WHERE? The North Side of Rous Island.   HOW? Bring your boat or find a boating friend   WHAT? Tie up together for a RAFT UP PARTY.  We will have a few moorings in place but the idea is that only one of us will tie to the mooring.  Then the next person ties up to the first person and the next boat to them and so on.  It’s a great way to meet new people and we all know that BOATERS ARE THE FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE ALIVE!  If you see someone you don’t know, introduce yourself!   LIVE MUSIC?  Yep!  We will have a barge set up and we have two groups coming to play for us starting at 4:00   FOOD?  You betcha!  It won’t be fancy – some burgers, dogs, water and soda    WHY? Because WE LOVE BOATING!  And let’s face it… everybody loves a good party.   WHAT IF IT’s RAINING?  Good question.  If it’s a drizzle we will carry on but if it’s actually raining we will have to cancel and try again next year.  If you’re not sure, check back here at this website.  I’ll update with any news.Chart



We are having a Scavenger Hunt before the Raft Up Party.  THIS IS NOT A RACE!  Come to the north side of Rous Island between 12 and 1 to register and receive your clues.  Make sure your boat has plenty of fuel and someone onboard should have a digital camera/smartphone.  The hunt begins at 1 pm and you must hand in your good work to our team by 4pm.  There will be prizes!


2017 INDIAN POINT REGATTA August 5th – August 7th 

This annual regatta has gained in popularity and is a lot of fun!  On August 5th, go to the race and then join us for the RAFT UP PARTY!  For official Notice of Race and all the details visit.   www.IndianPointYachtClub.ca